Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Flights got changed...exploring Birmingham instead: Blakesley Hall

Two nights before my flight, a VISA issue rendered the flight cancelled. I'd worked myself up to going on the Friday and realised I hadn't planned to enough to fill my time over the next 2 two weeks. As a lovely surprise, to help me get over the empty space to fill before my flight on the 17th May, Michael treated me to a lovely visit to Blakesley Hall! It's quite hilarious to think that though I live in Birmingham, I haven't visited all these places in the city that I would love to visit. I'm pathetic when it comes to history and musuems...and I'm known to drag a few friends into visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery when we're in the city centre. Seeing as this blog is just a place to scribble my thoughts and experiences on, I thought that covering my two unseen weeks before my flight would be a nice thing to do. Probably not interesting to 99.9% of people but oh well!

On the BMAG website, there is a brief history of Blakesley Hall (in YARDLEY) which is quite interesting, if you're into history like me. It's free to visit the entire site on the first Sunday in every month during the open season, however, we visited on a Wednesday and forked out £4 each which isn't bad at all. Other charges:
Adults £4
Concessions £3
Children under 16 FREE

Blakesley Hall is lovely on the outside as well as inside and I loved the entire visit, though I've got to say I wish I could have explored it more, the third floor is sealed off which is a shame. Some rooms were also sealed off which prevents visitors from exploring the entirety room and getting to see it all in its glory. Though its understandable to prevent original pieces from getting damaged..I still wish I could have explored it more! The highlights of the visit would have to be the very unusual but fascinating hallway on the first floor (I get excited easily) which has become slanted over the years - it only enhances the building's charm - like the 400 year old wall decorations in the Painted Chamber.
I'd recommend a visit if you live in Birmingham or even if you're visiting! Some pictures from my visit:

Sunaina x

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