Friday, 1 June 2012

2 Weeks Later...

Hello everyone, probably time I composed a blog post since I've been here two weeks now. Just completed training on Wednesday and moved from Cata to a community called Zozo in Kwelhra.  Our training conducted by the Restless Development South Africa office covered relevant material in areas such as sexual reproductive health and life skills, though I have to comment that information on CV writing and interviewing skills remained non existent - even though unemployment poses a massive issue to the Eastern Cape. To that regard I luckily possess some skills concerning employment matters, so that's a positive.
With concern to my living conditions I've been very lucky with two lovely host families. My first host family I only lived two weeks with, and my current host mother called Mama G, or Gladys I'll be staying with till I leave South Africa. To the intriguing business...yes the toilet is a pit latrine, no luxuries at that end. Doubt I'll get used to it but our host home makes it all seem better as it is pretty much one of the best placements!
I'm excited to see what the next couple of weeks will bring as we get stuck into the community and try and tackle important issues such as sexual health, youth unemployment and the prospects of higher education I hope to keep everyone updated on here, until then Sunaina x

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