Friday, 15 June 2012

And Then There Came Progress...

Nearly a week since my last post, and there has been much happening that I need to jot on here. Currently on a Friday off at the moment since I have not been feeling well with a fever, but on the plus side it gives me a bit of time to write on here while I'm curled up in my sleeping bag. On the Monday we had a meeting with several select members of the community to check the possibility of booking the community hall to hold our sessions whie the youth continue to be out of school because of holidays. We successfully booked it on Tuesday 19th June between 2 till 6pm to hold a information event which we're all excited to plan. Our follow up meeting with the community elders on Wednesday possessed a larger reception where we expanded on our plans surrounding the event on Tuesday. Having split up roles between us as the Zozo group, I will be covering CV writing, interview skills plus job searching at my stall. As a team we'll have stalls covering questions on sexual reproductive health, life skills with regard to motivation etc,  together with mini taekwando and soccer lessons to to engage the youth. I'm excited to cover employment issues, as youth unemployment is a prevalent issue in the Eastern Cape where we're based. On a more recent note we've now got the community hall booked every Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 4pm so that we have a permanent timetable in which to give our information sessions to the youth of Zozo. We also recieved the positive news that we will now be granted a budget to buy material in order to hold sewing lessons as the local youth were really excited regarding that prospect. Thanks to my talented Mother I luckily know a little bit here and there with sewing and will be happy to help out, though I'll be keeping my  focus on tackling unemployment. If I carried on meticulously I will end up writing a ridiculously long post haha, so on other issues 2 months left in South Africa now! Plus  I'm still not used to the pit latrine hahaha, Sunaina x

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