Saturday, 9 June 2012

Where all the Dogs at?

Dogs rule the streets in South Africa, which is bad news if you're not too comfortable with catching rabies. I find myself wishing some sort of etiquette existed which would stop every stray jumping on me, barking at me and thinking we're friends when we never will be. On the positive note things keep moving onwards and upwards! Without much guidance from the office, which is rather unfortunate, us as the Zozo group have taken further steps to getting stuck ino the community. We had a meeting with the teachers at the local school yesterday morning to explain our objectives. We were met with a rather positive and euthusiastic reaction to our proposals which will hopefully be in place on a permanent basis by Monday with times and venues sorted which we require to undertake our workshops.  Even the teachers requested to be given workshops on certain topics such as conflict management, which is wonderful because it passes on skills which can be used once we've left the community. Luckily the school were quite supportive of our sexual reproductive health workshop proposals too, so we will be capable of passing on information regarding STIs, pregnancy and using protection. Further to that we will certainly be holding CV writing and interview skills workshops in order to help the current issue of youth unemployment to a certain extent. Will know more information on Monday hopefully so until then, Sunaina x

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